Puttur APMC Election results

In a shocking development, the nomination paper filed by the wife of block Congress president for the taluk Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) election was rejected during scrutiny. The nomination filed by Anita Shetty, wife of block Congress president, Hemanath Shetty, was rejected on Thursday, as her nomination papers did not bear the signatures of proposers. As a result, BJP got a seat in APMC without any effort.

Saja Radhakrishna Alva, a BJP candidate, has already been elected unopposed from cooperative sector to APMC. The BJP has improved its tally in APMC to two because of the above incident. BJP and Congress have been vying with other to have hold on APMC, administration of which had changed hands between these two parties in the past.

During scrutiny, Congress party representatives raised serious objections about the nomination filed by Sundar Poojary from Nettanige Mudnoor constituency on behalf of BJP. They argued that Sundar Poojary does not fall under the category of farmers. However, Sundar Poojary, with the help of two lawyers, proved that he can be considered a farmer.


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