Commitments Plan


Earn daily up to 5% on your Commitmemnt. We offer for your consideration our referral program. Earn referral and binary 10%. click to start earning with us.


paste below link in your browser.



Free Registration to take part in Aux India. After Your Registration you must commit to help peoples, 5% Daily virtual Progress will Calculate on your dedication . Your virtual Progress Verify after Give Help. After verify your Virtual Growth, You may be eligible for Receive Help. You will Give Assist solely by means of this website.You’ll be able to commit to assist from 500 AUX upto 5000 AUX.


Click Here To Join AUXINDIA For Free


Referral Program

Matching Binary Development


10% Binary Growth on Give Help of the matched in each the legs.


Commitments Plan



Direct Referral Growth


After your Registration you’ll be able to refer number of individual for Give Assist


and you’re going to get 10% Referral Growth on Direct Referral’s Give Help.

For Joining in SEND YOUR DETAILS (Name,Adress.Date of birth,Mobile No,Email ) SMS ON 08495965577


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